beautiful orange and red leaves in a gutter of a house

Prepare Your Home for Fall with These 12 Tips

It’s that time again. The familiar chill in the air, the sound of crunching leaves under your feet, and the kids running after the school bus. With a new season approaching, so are new home responsibilities. It’s easy to forget about some of the steps that go into readying your house, so Inspect-It 1st is here …

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close up of crack in wall going above the door

7 Home Issues You Should Never Ignore

As a homeowner, you quickly learn that no home is perfect. Every house has its own quirks, and these idiosyncrasies are sometimes what we even love most about our home. However, it’s important to understand what traits are harmless and add character to your home and which home issues you should never ignore. 7 Home …

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close up of sprinkler system spraying in yard

DIY Sprinkler System Inspection

The summer heat can seriously take a toll on your lawn and landscape! To help ease the burden of watering their yard, more people are turning to home irrigation systems. Make sure your system is still delivering excellent results with these five user-friendly sprinkler system inspection steps. Sprinkler System Inspection Checklist Follow these easy steps …

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close up of mold growing in the bathroom corner

A Step-by-Step Guide to Prevent Bathroom Mold Growth

By their very nature, bathrooms are moist, bacteria-ridden spaces, susceptible to mildew and mold. To help prevent bathroom mold growth and prepare for a home inspection, utilize Inspect-It 1st’s step-by-step guide. Follow the 3 C’s to Prevent Bathroom Mold Growth From eliminating moisture in the bathroom to regularly cleaning, use the three C’s to eliminate …

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