Inspection Services

Selecting a home inspector is one of the many important decisions you face when buying or selling a home. Homeowners, buyers and real estate professionals choose Inspect-It 1st due to our high level of customer care, knowledge, expertise and professionalism.

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Buyer Home Inspections

Interested in purchasing a home? Ensure your prospective home is move-in ready with a thorough inspection from top to bottom with Inspect-It 1st.

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Commercial Inspections

Be sure your commercial property is in tip-top shape! Choose Inspect-It 1st for a full commercial real estate inspection for both buyers and sellers.

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Limited Scope Inspection Services

Narrow down your inspection services with Inspect-It 1st’s limited scope inspections. We’ll help pinpoint property issues fast.

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Infrared Thermography

Check the integrity of your home for any temperature issues with Inspect-It 1st’s advanced infrared thermography services.

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Microbial Growth Testing

Spot and fight back against mold issues and more with thorough microbial growth testing services from Inspect-It 1st.

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Pest Inspection

Identify and banish a variety of current and future pests from your home quickly with the help of the experts at Inspect-It 1st.

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Pool & Spa Inspections

Ensure your pool or spa has been properly inspected before use. Contact Inspect-It 1st for a complete pool or spa analysis.

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Radon Inspections

Protect your home from potentially reaching dangerous radon levels by receiving a detailed inspection from Inspect-It 1st.

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Roof Inspections

Protect your home’s roof from inclement weather or regular wear and tear with the help of the inspectors at Inspect-It 1st.

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Seller Home Inspections

Looking to sell your home? Ensure you receive top dollar with the help of Inspect-It 1st’s complete home inspection services!

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Termite Inspections

Effectively stop termites in their tracks before they wreak costly havoc on your home with a detailed inspection from Inspect-It 1st.

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Water Testing

Ensure your home or commercial property’s water quality is safe to use with the help of the experts at Inspect-It 1st.

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Inspect-It 1st is a home inspection franchise with certified home inspectors from coast-to-coast. Our home inspection services help buyers and sellers make smart property investment decisions. “Before you Buy or Sell, Inspect-It 1st!”  Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Accessibility Statement