Limited Scope Inspection Services

A Limited Scope Inspection may encompass several different types of engagements, depending on the specific Inspect-It 1st office location. Since each office is individually owned and operated, this type of engagement might include the following:

  • Request to inspect a roof separate from a full inspection.
  • Request to help the client identify water intrusions such as that created by poor drainage or adverse slope.
  • Request to assist the client by conducting a “major systems review” whereby only macro components of the home are inspected such as heating, ventilation, and cooling; roof; electrical; plumbing.
  • Request to consult with the client regarding projects that they are planning such as remodeling, additions, and major repairs.
  • Request to consult with the client regarding leaks in the basement or in other areas of the home.
  • Request to consult with the client regarding structural issues at the foundation or in the attic.
  • Request to consult with the client regarding high energy use or high water use.

Limited scope inspections provide tremendous value. For example, a client may request a roof inspection from an Inspect-It 1st franchisee because they want an independent view of the roof by someone that doesn’t make repairs.

A client trying to solve a leak problem may have sought out specialists such as landscapers, irrigation specialists, and roofers without any luck because those professionals were not able to view the house as a “system comprised of interacting components.”

And finally, an investor with multiple properties to consider may find it advantageous to conduct major systems reviews versus complete property inspections because they want to know about the most costly components of the properties, but not necessarily the small details.

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