Flipping the Switch: Why Transitioning to CFL Light Bulbs Makes Sense

switchHomeowners across the country are adopting compact fluorescent light bulbs as their lighting of choice.  When these bulbs first came on the market, consumers were weary of their shape, size, and shade of light.   Initially, it was also difficult to find ones to fit your lamps or fixtures, adding to consumers’ frustrations.

Nowadays, CFL bulbs have come a long way.  Not only are they accommodating to those who want a greener home, they’re also a great way to save on your home’s energy bills.  In fact, these bulbs use 80% less energy than a normal light bulb, so the savings really add up.  With more shades, sizes, and options available, consumers are welcoming this trend as their own, and for good reason.

  • CFL bulbs use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last at least 6 times longer.
  • The average CFL bulb saves $6 a year in electricity costs and can save more than $40 over its lifetime.
  • CFL bulbs produce about 75% less heat than traditional bulbs.  Especially for those in warmer climates, transitioning to CFL can reduce your home’s cooling costs.

Ready to make the switch?  Don’t get lost in the options.  Know what wattage your lamp or fixture takes and if you want dimming capabilities or not (yes! that’s available now).

If you’re more concerned with the financial benefit, Energy Star even has a savings calculator for you.  Just input the number of bulbs you’re replacing with CFLs, and their spreadsheet will calculate both see the short and long term savings for your home.

So what do you think about compact fluorescent bulbs?  Have you made the complete switch to them in your home or office?  Are you surprised people are still debating them?  Or do you believe they do more harm than good?  Sound off in the comments below, or express your opinion on our Facebook page.

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