Inspection Services

Selecting a home inspector in Toledo, Sylvania, Rossford, Perrysburg, Bowling Green is one of the many important decisions you face when buying or selling a home. Sellers, buyers, and real estate professionals trust Inspect-It 1st Toledo due to our industry-expertise, knowledge, and professionalism.


Commercial Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Toledo provides customizable property inspection services for commercial real estate as well, helping owners maximize their investment and minimize risk.

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Buyer Home Inspections

Inspect-It 1st Toledo provides thorough pre-purchase property inspections for the Toledo, Sylvania, Rossford, Perrysburg, Bowling Green area, taking the guesswork out of the home buying experience.

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Infrared Thermography

Using advanced infrared thermography technology, Inspect-It 1st Toledo can help locate the source of the problem, so repairs can be made swiftly and accurately.

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Microbial Growth Testing

Thorough microbial growth testing services from Inspect-It 1st Toledo will ensure that your house is a mold-free and healthy home!

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Termite Inspections

Termites can cause big problems for your property, fast. Contact Inspect-It 1st Toledo for a detailed termite inspection to effectively stop the infestation.

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Pest Inspection

The Inspect-It 1st Toledo experts can perform a wide variety of in-depth pest inspection services to rid your home of bugs and other infestations.

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Pool & Spa Inspections

If your running into problems with your residential pool or spa, enlist the professionals of Inspect-It 1st Toledo for an extensive pool and spa inspection.

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Radon Inspections

Radon inspections from Inspect-It 1st Toledo can be life-saving! Exposure to radon can cause health problems – let us set your mind at ease with a residential radon test.

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Water Testing

Inspect-It 1st Toledo can perform water quality testing as part of a pre-purchase or pre-listing inspection to ensure that the property is up to health and safety codes.

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Limited Scope Inspections

With limited scope inspection services from Inspect-It 1st Toledo, our team members will offer consultation advice to help you pinpoint property issues, fast!

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Roof Inspections

No matter if its normal wear and tear or damage caused by a strong storm, safeguard your home with roof inspection services from Inspect-It 1st Toledo.

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Seller Home Inspections

Pre-listing inspections from Inspect-It 1st Toledo allow potential buyers to feel confident in their decision, making the selling process a breeze!

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Inspect-It 1st is a home inspection franchise with certified home inspectors from coast-to-coast. Our home inspection services help buyers and sellers make smart property investment decisions. “Before you Buy or Sell, Inspect-It 1st!”  Privacy Policy