The Best Apps for a DIY Home Improvement Project

Thanks to design television, a lot of us feel like we’re invincible when it comes to home renovation. And why wouldn’t we? Television has us thinking that we can transform our entire basement into a recreation room fit for a millionaire in just 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, home DIY projects often take longer than 30 minutes and require a bit of expertise. If you’re ready to take a home improvement project into your own hands, there are a slew of new apps out there that help homeowners tackle their weekend projects easier than ever. Be sure to check out:

Home Design 3D ($4 iPhone, $6 iPad): Know that your room needs a change but don’t know where to start? The Home Design 3D app has all of the options, colors, features, and more that you could want, and even better, it allows you to drop them into your exact room’s dimensions. Set your dream room up, and then switch into 3D mode to preview how your room will look and feel. Take the designs with you to the store to be able to purchase the items at the exact dimensions you need.

Handy Man DIY ($1.99): Anyone who’s tackled a DIY project knows you need to be organized. The Handy Man DIY app will simplify – as much as possible – the renovation process. Use this app to:

• Calculate how much paint or supplies you’ll need, depending on the area’s dimension.
• Generate a shopping list or email it to yourself.
• Enter in prices to generate a complete estimate for the job.
• Watch DIY instructional videos for some common projects

ColorSnap Sherwin-Williams (Free): If your DIY project includes coating the walls with a fresh coat of paint, you’ll want to download the ColorSnap app from Sherwin-Williams. This app allows you to capture inspiration for your walls wherever you see it. Snap a photo, and the app will match it to one of the brand’s colors. Even better, they’ll recommend complimentary colors to include in the room’s palette.

Benjamin Moore also features a similar app, called Color Capture Benjamin Moore.

While these apps may make you feel invincible, be sure to call in a professional when you need it. Often, DIY projects can uncover serious issues you didn’t know about, like something dealing with plumbing, roof work, or electrical issues. These issues can mean trouble when your home gets inspected, so be sure to put the app down and call a professional right away.

Good luck!

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