Summertime Safety: Grilling Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

grillingSummertime is here, and with it comes the outdoor barbeques.  If you’re firing up a new grill this weekend, know the steps you need to take to keep your family – and home – safe.

Keep your distance: No one wants to stand beside a hot grill on a summer day, so keep your grill 10′ from any outdoor seating.  To keep your home safe from the flames and heat, maintain at least a 15′ distance from any overhangs, and never, ever grill within a closed area (even a porch).

Level it: Make sure your grills is on a level surface.  Outdoor patios or decks are flat, heat resistant surfaces.  Use these instead of grass, which could be bumpy and catch fire.

Heating appropriately: If you’re using a charcoal barbeque, never use alcohol, kerosene, or gasoline to start your coals.  Check the coals’ bag for appropriate ways to light. Remember, charcoal grilling takes awhile to start, so budget time appropriately and don’t use “quick” measures like gasoline.  Also, don’t add lighter fluid once your coals are on fire and cooking.

After grilling: When grilling is done, be safe and soak the coals with water.  Close your grill’s lid tightly, and let the grill and coals rest for 48 hours. If you’re using a gas grill, be sure that the valve is tightly closed on your gas tank.

Emergencies: If your grill catches fire, put the lid on the grill or shut off the gas – only if you’re able to get close enough without getting burned.  If not, get away from the grill and call 911.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to celebrate the summer and enjoy your barbeques, while keeping your home and family safe.

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