Tools & Checklists

Working with thousands of Southern Maine-area buyers and sellers each year, we understand how exciting, yet anxiety-inducing the process of buying and selling a home can. Ease your anxiety by utilizing Inspect-It 1st Southern Maine‘s free tools and checklists. Our tools enable homeowners to stay organized and be proactive in the maintenance of their homes.

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Home Maintenance Checklist

Utilize our Home Maintenance Checklist and Tips for help proactively maintaining the value and comfort of your Southern Maine-area home.

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Property Scorecard

Actively searching for your dream home in Southern Maine? Our Property Scorecard will help you keep track of various homes and prioritize key criteria.

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Seller Checklist

Utilize the Inspect-It 1st Southern Maine Seller Checklist for easy cleaning and maintenance projects to prepare your Southern Maine-area home for sale.

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Moving Checklist

Take advantage of Inspect-It 1st Southern Maine‘s Moving Checklist to help you get organized for your move and prepare to leave your existing home.

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