Should You Paint Your House This Summer?

Are you considering painting your home? Look for these clues that it is time to repaint the exterior of your house. All of these issues can cause problems for your home, whether to its structure or to its aesthetics.

  • Paint Peeling, Flaking, Or Cracking
  • Mold or Algae Growth
  • Dull Color
  • Water Damage
  • Underlying Wood Exposed To Elements

If you said yes to any item on that list, you should definitely make plans to paint! If you’ve never painted the exterior of a house before, there are a few tips you should know about.

Choosing the right color is a challenge, but there are a number of tools that you can use to make it easier. Some paint companies offer slideshows that can give you an idea of what your home will look like with numerous shades. Explore the options for bold or neutral exterior paints by browsing some design magazines or websites and making note of the houses that catch your eye.

Once you’ve picked the perfect color, you’re ready to undertake the project with safety in mind. Older homes often have lead-based paints that can create health hazards. If your home was built before the 80’s, you should prepare by laying down plastic sheets to catch the scrapings. As you remove the lead-based paint, be sure to wear proper safety gear, like a mask and a Tyvek suit. Even if you have a modern home, you should be aware of some safety protocols. You can protect your lungs from paint particles by wearing a mask. You should always wear safety goggles when stripping paint or sanding to keep potentially damaging fragments or chemicals out of your eyes.

A new coat of paint can make a difference to your home’s curb appeal, but it can’t fix everything. If you discover underlying problems (like mold or rotting wood), get in touch with us at Inspect-It 1st. We can help make your home beautiful from the inside out!

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