Packing, Purging, and Transitioning | Tips for Moving Houses Quickly

packingSo you’re ready to move, but you’re under pressure to meet a moving date that’s fast approaching.  For most people, they can pack and get ready to move in about 8 weeks. If you’re under pressure to move quicker than that, though, we have some tips for you to make this move as efficient and quick as possible.

Contact your movers: If you’re going to need a moving company, be sure that calling them is a priority on your list.  Movers tend to be really busy around the beginning and ends of the month, as most peoples’ leases or closing dates tend to fall around this time.  You may need to be flexible on your move date, which is all the more reason to keep organized.

Purge, purge purge:  Under the deadline, you may feel like tossing everything in a box and opting to sell or donate it later.  Don’t do this! Now’s the time to get rid of unused or unwanted items and save time (and money!) on packing, shipping, and unpacking those items.  If you haven’t used or worn it in a year, get rid of it.  Have a tendency to hoard?  Enlist the help of a friend or relative to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Pack properly: To meet the deadline, you may also be tempted to throw contents in boxes and sort it out later. Try to keep boxes separated by where they’ll be in your new house.  For instance, label your boxes “blue bedroom” or “downstairs bathroom” to help movers be able to pack the truck properly and unload more efficiently.  Don’t be afraid to enlist help, either.   Professional packers can save you a lot of time, but they can be costly.  Request quotes or shop for packing supplies and call some friends.

Notify utilities and services: Now’s the time to call your utility providers and notify them of your move. Moving in the middle of the month?  Ask about pro-rated fees for the month of your move.  Most even offer the ability to cancel or transfer their services online, but keep in mind that you’ll have to return any rented equipment, like DVRs, cable boxes, or WIFI routers, so budget time for that.  Don’t forget to change your address with the postal service, either.

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