Indoor Air Quality: How to Ensure Your Family is Breathing Easy

a_person_changing_an_in_home_air_filterIndoor air quality is not always the first concern and is often a last consideration. This is harmful because aside from carbon monoxide detectors there are very few ways to monitor the air in your home. Poor indoor air quality is typically caused by a lack of circulation of air inside with air from the outside. There are many pollutants that can build up in indoor air and will be potentially harmful if they are not diluted by outdoor air. Proper ventilation and circulation is the key to introducing outdoor air into your home to dilute any pollutants that may be building up.

So, what are the biggest concerns about air quality and how should you fix them? Here are the top five contributing factors to air quality and how to manage them.

  1. Sources of combustion are one pollutant to watch out for. Gas, kerosene, wood, all of these give off pollutants as they deteriorate.
  2. Asbestos is also a dangerous pollutant that must be dealt with properly. Should your house contain any asbestos, seek professional help to dispose of it safely.
  3. Moisture can cause air pollution problems as well as mold and mildew. The spores released by fungus can cause health problems if the air is not filtered out properly.
  4. Most cleaning products recommend air circulation. The inhalation of harsh cleaning products can cause irritation in the eyes, airway and allergic reactions if not properly circulated out of the area.
  5. Humidification devices can put pollutants back into the air of your home. Make sure to use distilled water in these devices.

Ensuring that your home has proper ventilation and circulation is important to its air quality. The effects of poor air quality can range from irritation to severe respiratory problems. To prevent these, make sure your homes heating, cooling and ventilation systems are clean and in proper working order.

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