Indoor Air Quality: How Important is Home Ventilation?

Take a deep breath.

Do you know what you just breathed in?  If you’re indoors, what you just took into your body could be significantly different than if you were outside.

Naturally, you may think that outdoor air has far more pollutants than what we breathe indoors.   With automobile pollution and factories outside, we’ve almost been conditioned to think that our outdoor air is dirty.

Unfortunately, the air we breathe indoors is just as bad – if not worse – than the air of the great outdoors.  Why?  Here are several reasons:

  • Indoor conditions, like wood-framed walls, are more likely to hold moisture, which can result in growths like mold.
  • Think of all the activities you do indoors – from working out, to smoking, to cooking with oils, you leave a lot of odors in the air.
  • Pets like cats and dogs – especially if they spend time outdoors – can also lead to harmful air inside your home.
  • Allergens can be harbored in your indoor materials like rugs and carpets.  Even your draperies, cloths, and linens are adding to odors and allergens.
  • Just finish a home renovation?  Chemicals from paints or other cleaning compounds could be lingering in your air.

Unfortunately, opening your home’s windows isn’t always a viable option for increasing your air ventilation – especially in the Winter.

Call Inspect It First today to get your home’s air quality assessed.  There are several options a representative may suggest to improve your home’s air quality and your peace of mind.

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