How To Sell Your Home Faster


It’s a buyers market – at least for now, which means that your future home buyer has a lot of options to weigh in your market. So how do you standout? Ty these tips to sell your home faster.

Help your realtor – Social media is a great way to get the word out about your home. The average Facebook user has 130 friends, which means 130 connections to your potential homebuyer. Post your home’s listing to your Facebook and Twitter. Share your photos of it via Instagram. Make your home come to life in your online circle.

Capitalize on the drive by – More buyers are searching online for their next home. The next step? They do the drive by. Don’t miss this opportunity to show them your home. No, we’re not saying you should run out and invite them in for a tour (definitely don’t do this). But, ask your realtor for a QR code to put on your For Sale sign. That code can link to a virtual tour exclusively for those who are doing the drive by. Even better, it can give them direct contact information for your realtor, in case you’ve peaked their interest.

Don’t get personal – If you’re still living in your house while it’s on the market, it can be tempting to try to live as you always have. This can mean that you still have the kids’ playhouse in the front yard or your favorite team’s flag hanging by your front door. Remove anything personal from your house that may prohibit someone from envisioning his or her life there. Having trouble? Request the help of a friend to help you see it from someone else’s perspective.

Get a pre-listing inspection: Increasingly, realtors are recommending a pre-listing inspection for houses on the market. In a sea of listings, buyers appreciate knowing what they’re purchasing before it gets to the traditional home inspection stage. How’s the roof? With a pre-listing inspection, your realtor can assure the potential homebuyers that it’s just fine.

With these steps, you’ll be able to decrease your home’s time on the market and be on your way to a new home.

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