How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

A lot has been said about selling your home during the holidays.  Specifically, people often advise against it, but if done correctly, the holiday season can be a great time to sell your home.

Why? Because buyers who are actively looking during the holidays are ultra-motivated to buy.  They may be in a tough spot and need to move quickly, so sweeten the deal with these tips, and you’ll be starting your new year in a new home!

Deck the Halls – Neutrally:  There’s nothing wrong with decorating for the holidays while your home is on the market.  Keep it tame, though, and use general winter decorations, like those including white and silver.  Anything too religious may offend or put off your potential buyers.

Polish Up:  With your trees bare outside, your home’s exterior has nowhere to hide.  Chipping paint, sagging gutters, or broken windows are exposed for all to see.  Polish up your home’s exterior and make those minor repairs before it goes on the market. It’s not a bad idea either, to get your home inspected before putting it on the market. Especially in the winter, when buyers tend to spend more time indoors, they’ll want to know about the health of your home.

Think Spring: While your home may look lovely in Winter, buyers may not be able to envision what the home will look like in summer.  If you have one, include a nice picture of your home in the warmer months, like the back patio, swimming pool, or the façade with blooming flowers.

Price It Right: While the season’s buyers may be motivated, a sweet deal will make anyone’s holiday brighter.  Instead of slowly dropping your prices, come onto the market at a price ready to sell.

Find The Right Team: Building your team is more important than ever during the holidays.  Find a realtor, contractor, or repairman who’s a hard worker – even though it’s the holidays.  A little bit of research can make all the difference, so ask around.

The good news about selling your home during the holidays is that competition may be scarce, when compared to other seasons.  Complete all these tips, and you should be closing your deal in no time!

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