How To Refinish Your Deck

Are you considering refinishing a deck? Here are a few tips to make this DIY project as safe and easy as possible!

Safety first, as always… Wear proper protective clothing for the entire process. When sanding or power washing the deck, wear goggles to keep flying debris out of your eyes. Avoid getting any of the stain on your skin or in your eyes – and if that happens, wash it off immediately.

Your first step is to wash the deck with a power washer. Try to wash in the direction of the wood grain and spray in wide, sweeping arcs so you can avoid damaging the wood. If you have to replace any planks, be sure to use stainless steel nails. Other types of metal can end up leaving rust stains over time.

Removing old paint is the next step. Get a paint scraper and get rid of all the loose or old paint that can mar the appearance of the deck. When you sand the deck, you should use a power sander to save yourself some work. You might consider wearing a mask if you are concerned about breathing in dust!

If you decide to stain your deck, you have many options. A wood toner is the lightest type of stain, and it will let the natural look of the deck shine! You could also use a semi-transparent stain or a semi-solid, each of which allows some of the grain to be seen. If you prefer a shade that will mask the wood grain and noticeably change the color of the wood, find a solid shade that you like.

Always test the stain on a small, hidden area of the deck. You should also wear gloves, cover any nearby plants, and protect any pavement or concrete stepping stones to keep them pristine. Make sure that there will be no rain for at least 24 hours before or after staining.

If you use these tips, your deck will be glowing and maybe even more beautiful than when it was brand new!

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