How To Improve Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking for a way to increase your home’s value before selling (or in preparation for an appraisal), we have a few simple suggestions! Regardless of your budget or the kind of home you own, there are a number of DIY projects you may want to consider.

Landscaping is one of the quickest ways to make your property value climb. You can redo a tired, drab lawn by creating a small garden space complete with plants that are tough enough to resist the summer heat. If your home has a beautiful doorway or gorgeous windows, put colorful flowers near these features to grab the eyes of passersby. Make sure all shrubs are neatly trimmed and that the ground cover isn’t suffering from a weed infestation.

Your bathroom is another area of the home where a small investment can pay off in a big way once your home is appraised or sold. Add a new toilet, tub or shower, and faucets to instantly update the bathroom and make it visually appealing. A tile floor can also be a great change.

If you have a bit of extra money to spend, you should look into installing new appliances – refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers, and dishwashers can all make a home more attractive to potential buyers. Updating the cabinets and light fixtures in the kitchen will also give your home the edge when it comes to value.

You should also take care of the small details, like having the carpets professionally cleaned and creating more storage space. These easy measures will help your home grow in value – and make it even more pleasant to live in before you sell!

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