How to Keep Organized When Moving Houses

Break out the packing tape and find some empty boxes – you’re moving.   Find solace in the fact that over 40 million Americans will also move this year, going through what some have called one of the most stressful situations in life.

But does moving have to be that much of a hardship? Sure, you’ll need to reacquaint yourself with a new area, finding a doctor, grocery store, or daycare that suits your family’s needs.  With a little bit of planning and organization, though, moving doesn’t have to be one of life’s most stressful moments.

If you’re not an organized person, take it from us: This is the time to try to be one.  With these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to moving swiftly and smoothly.

Invest in the proper materials: Sure, you may have boxes saved from purchases you’ve made, but avoid the temptation to skimp on moving materials.  Purchase official moving boxes because the similar sizes will stack much better in the moving van.  In addition, invest in true packing tape.  You’ll want tape that holds the boxes together but isn’t a nightmare to cut through when you’re inevitably unpacking everything at 1 a.m.

Purge:  One of the positive things about moving is that it forces you to really look at all the junk you’ve acquired.   If you haven’t worn it, used it, or loved it in a year, then it’s time to either donate or pitch it.  To avoid yet another task, see if your local donation center makes pick up.  Some will come right to your home to handle the donation process for you.

Label, label, label:  Determine a method for labeling each and every box.  We recommend printing labels through your Word processor and providing everyone who’s helping you pack with their own stacks.  Then, instruct them on where to place them on the boxes.  It’s best if it’s consistent, say in the upper right hand corner or every side of the box.  Inevitably, a mover will stack the boxes against a wall, and you won’t want to have to shuffle a heavy box around to see what it contains.  What should your labels read?  Label them by the room in the new house where they should be placed.  i.e. “Girl’s bedroom.”  Then, hang signs above the doors in your new house that correspond with the labels.  This way, you’ll avoid the “where do you want this?” question a thousand times on moving day.

Pack essentials last:  There’s nothing worse than moving into your new home and not being able to find something you really need. To save yourself from this moment, develop one or two “essentials” boxes.  This should be anything that you know you’ll need the first night – or several nights – that you’re in your new home.  This could include your hair dryer, coffee maker, computer and various cables, or even just things to eat on.  If you have children, consider what’s essential to them, like a favorite stuffed animal.  To really make these boxes stand out, wrap them in colored duck tape, and load them last into the moving van.

What are some of your essential moving tips?  Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter to let us know how you survived moving houses.

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