Home Inspectors and Realtors: Why Getting Along Is Good Business

If you’ve spent some time looking at options for home inspection, you’ve probably noticed that realtors and home inspectors don’t always see eye to eye. In fact, some realtors and inspectors verbally bash the “other side” when talking with a home buyer or seller.

We think there’s a better way to navigate the housing market. Our ultimate aim is to provide a service for the client that is not only valuable and helpful, but pleasant. Tearing down an industry that may sometimes conflict with your interests creates a negative atmosphere – and it doesn’t give your client a reason to trust you. Create a relationship built on positives instead by emphasizing the value you offer and the openness of your inspection process!

In many cases, a home inspector and a realtor have goals in common. They both want the client to be able to sell or buy a house that will keep them happy for years to come. Giving the buyer/seller a sense of security and safety is also a shared goal. Realtors and home inspectors can work together to deliver these crucial services. The realtors know the ins and outs of mortgages, loans, and demographics, and can point you to the style of home you’re seeking. A home inspector understands the inner workings of that home and can ensure it is safe and cost-effective.

Whether you’re in the home inspection industry or the world of realty, you have a lot to gain from cultivating good relationships with others in the housing market. Home inspectors can benefit from the recommendations of realtors with whom they’ve worked in the past. Realtors can enjoy the assurance that any house they sell has been thoroughly checked out by an inspector and won’t give the client unpleasant surprises down the road.

If you want to see a list of qualities to look for in home inspectors – written from the realty point of view – check out this article at Realtor.com. It’s called Hiring A Home Inspector, and it offers some great advice!

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