5 Free Information Resources For First Time Home Buyers

We’ve gathered some great resources for first time home buyers! They’re informative, helpful, and best of all, free. Buying a home can be overwhelming. These links will give you valuable advice and tools to make the process easier.

Free Ebook

Do you understand your credit score? If not, this free ebook will help clear up the confusion! You’ll learn about how a credit score is created, your rights where credit reports are concerned, and even 5 ways to improve your credit quickly. After you’ve downloaded the ebook, check out the rest of the AmeriFirst blog for in-depth posts about everything from the housing market to appraisals.

Download your free ebook here.

Free Mortgage Calculator

Many first time home buyers are overwhelmed by the amount of detail involved in getting a mortgage. This free mortgage calculator will simplify the process. It includes fields for interest rate, purchase price, and even property tax and insurance. If you’re wondering how to find out what kind of mortgage you’re looking at, this is the place to go.

Visit the link here.

Free List Of Home Buying Programs

Each state has its own set of home buying programs that can be of great benefit to someone new to the housing market. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in your current state or are exploring out of state options, this list from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will guide you to the best programs available.

Find out which programs could help you purchase a home by visiting here.

Free Market Report

The housing market changes on a daily basis, and it’s vital for first time home buyers to keep up with it in order to get the best deal. This realty website offers a monthly marketing report that you can read or watch on video! You will get a bird’s-eye view of the most recent developments in home prices, interest rates, and other trends.

Check it out here.

Free Home Maintenance Tips

We have years of experience in the home inspection field and we’ve seen the difference regular maintenance can make in a home’s condition and overall value. Our whitepaper will give you a quick list of home items that need to be checked each year. Every room in the house is covered and instructions are included for testing appliances, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioner) systems, and even the garage door! When you find the house of your dreams, this guide will help you keep it in good shape.

You can download your whitepaper here.

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