Five Home Improvement Projects for the Fall


Fall has the perfect temperatures for checking off a few to-do lists on your home repair checklist. Start with these to improve your home.

Roof Repair

Replacing or repairing a roof on a hot summer day is bad for the guy doing the job and the guy paying for the job. Sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration are all in play and the elements will likely lead to a longer job. The longer the job, the more money it costs. On the flip side, you want to get the work done before the remnants of winter storms, be it rain or snow, wind up inside your home . Winter winds and precipitation (think ice) can prevent a roofer from stopping a large leak that can cause serious damage to your home.

Duct Cleaning

This seemingly small project can provide some big savings in energy costs. The build-up of debris prevents air from freely flowing throughout your ventilation system, forcing the system to work longer and harder to heat (or cool) your home. Plus, the service will significantly improve the air quality in your home. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that homes with dirty ducts can lead to indoor air quality that is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Gross. Finally, ask the technician to clean your dryer vent to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the unit and help prevent a dryer fire.

Install a New Front Door

Lots of home improvement experts will tell you to replace your windows to improve energy efficiency. While that is true, replacing your front door will also help cut costs, plus you will likely get most of your money back when it’s time to sell your home. In fact, a new steel entry door will return the most money (86%) of any home improvement project, according to the 2013 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report. Simply light a candle and hold it up to the door to see if there is a draft entering your home.

Clean the Gutters

Moisture wreaks havoc on a home. Clogged gutters in the fall and winter will lead to water and ice build-up that may eventually turn to mold and damage to your foundation. Carefully climb up on the roof and discard all of the leaves, sticks and debris that have collected in the gutters. Seal any cracks or leaks by caulking with gutter sealant. If you want to save yourself the time and energy of cleaning, install gutter covers to keep the debris away.

Interior Painting

The humid weather of the summer often prevents paint from properly drying and painting in the winter often leaves your family susceptible to paint fumes. Warm fall days are perfect: you can open the windows to get rid of the fumes and help the drying process.

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