Insights in Real Estate – A Webinar with Dr. David Lereah

Real estate can be a stressful and uncertain business. Ups and downs are the name of the game. So, how can a realtor be successful through all of this? Insights are the first step to understanding and planning for the upcoming year. By analyzing the market, influencing components and factoring in unexpected changes, realtors can …

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Buying a Home? Five Reasons You Really Need a Realtor

You might be tempted to buy a home on your own.  Don’t – it’s a bad idea.  Would you represent yourself in a legal battle?  Would you try and fix the brakes on your car?  The risks far outweigh the potential reward.  While most homes do have a listing agent that will help the buyer …

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House Hunting Tips: How to Safely Search for a House Online

If you’re among the 32 percent of homeowners who first learned of your house online, you’re not alone. More and more, house hunters are starting their search for a home online, but if you’re among them, there are certainly things you should be aware of when searching for a home online. First, don’t assume that …

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