hvac units at home

Performing Proper HVAC Inspections

Pre-planning goes a long way when it comes to home care, and HVAC units should not be forgotten about until an issue arises. The best time to pay your HVAC unit some attention is when it appears to be functioning properly, and before any major changes in weather occur (fall and spring seasons). To make sure your home’s …

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magnifying glass and exterior of home

Facts About Radon Levels

Radon testing comes up frequently in home inspection conversations. Many homeowners are unaware of the adverse effects of radon and how important testing for it is. The inspection experts at Inspect-It 1st put together a quick radon facts guide to help you learn more about what it is, what it does, and why testing for …

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septic system testing for home

At-Home Septic System Testing

Residential septic systems house some pretty nasty situations that are usually—and thankfully—out of sight, out of mind. But when the system malfunctions, things can get stinky. What Is a Septic System? Septic systems are underground, onsite wastewater structures specifically designed to treat biological human waste when access to a centralized sewer system impractical. Septic systems …

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asbestos testing danger sign

Asbestos Testing In Your Home

Some homeowners may be surprised to learn that asbestos-containing materials could have been used in the construction of their home—especially if the house was built before 1980 when regulations were enacted. You may be thinking: Where can asbestos be found in my home? How do I know if I’m at risk? Below, Inspect-It 1st breaks …

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