A Dip Into Pool Inspection

Pools and spas are meant for relaxation – but sometimes we have to put in a little effort to maintain the oasis! One of the best ways you can keep your pool or spa in working order is to have an inspection. If you’re looking into buying a home with a pool (or selling one), an inspection is one of the first steps you should take.

A thorough pool inspection will cover everything from the pool itself to the deck and the equipment. Pumps and pipes will be checked for leaks or problems with the water pressure. The filtration system will be checked for missing or broken parts, and if you have a spa or a heating system, the heating elements and equipment will be examined. All of these elements seem obvious – but there are some less well-known areas that we inspect.

We’ll check out the external bonding of pump motors, heaters, blowers, and any other items that could lead to costly leaks or dangerous issues. If your pool features underwater lighting or timers, we’ll make sure they are shipshape. Because electricity is a major part of keeping your pool running and clean, we will ensure that every outlet, cord, and connection is absolutely safe. We’ll inspect the interior finish materials, any slides, handrails, or ladders. The motors, skimmer, and drains are also on our list!

Even though the pool or spa is the focus of the inspection, safety measures will also be taken into account. Fences and gates, ladders, and even location will be considered to make sure they come up to regional and state safety standards. If you have children or pets, you may be advised to fence in the pool and invest in self-latching gates.

Do you know how to determine if your filter is large enough for the pool? Can you tell if your diving board is structurally sound? If you’ve never had a pool inspection, there could be dangers lurking under those cool waves. Get in touch with us today and schedule a pool or spa inspection so you can enjoy your backyard oasis in confidence.

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