7 Home Safety Tips You Can Use Today

When you hear the words “home safety”, you might picture padlocks, security systems, or maybe even a big guard dog! However, there are a few incredibly simple steps you can take to keep your home safe.

  1. Turn your telephone ring volume down so it can’t be heard ringing from outside your house. If someone is looking to break in, they could hear an unanswered phone ringing and realize you aren’t at home.
  2. Make sure your keys are in a place that burglars wouldn’t think to look (not tucked away under the doormat, flowerpot, or rock key hider).
  3. Secure bookshelves and entertainment centers to the wall with brackets so they can’t tip over. These heavy pieces of furniture can cause serious injury; luckily, it’s easy to prevent them from falling if you invest in a few inexpensive brackets.
  4. Cover any electrical outlets that are not being used at the moment. If you have children, this is especially important. The outlet covers are a snap to use!
  5. Find some textured strips or stickers for your bathtub. Whether your tub is made of porcelain, linoleum, or tile, it can become slippery enough to cause a fall. These budget-friendly no-slip pads can be found in any design you could want.
  6. Find out if your water heater is set to a safe temperature. It shouldn’t be higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Water reaches scalding temperature above 120 degrees, and that’s not a relaxing shower experience!
  7. Mold can be difficult to spot, but it can be a deadly danger. Check for leaks in washing machine hoses, plumbing lines, and the overflows from toilets and sinks and take immediate action if you discover any mold.

These 7 home safety tips are easy and quick enough that you can use them immediately. Other systems, including the electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems, need to be examined by a professional home inspector to ensure they are working properly and safely.

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