5 Facts About Commercial Inspections

So far, we’ve covered a number of home inspection and DIY topics. This week we’re taking a different approach and sharing five interesting facts about commercial inspections.

  1. Did you know that wood deck railings must be at least 36 inches tall? This is the lowest height that is still considered safe. A shorter railing could allow someone to fall over it.
  2. An inspector may request a number of documents, including floodplain maps, maintenance records, and even environmental studies. All these reports add to the inspector’s knowledge regarding the property in question and can give him an idea of what issues may need to be addressed.
  3. An inspector must report any missing smoke detectors. If you are selling a commercial property, be sure you have installed smoke detectors where necessary! This is part of the life safety section of the inspection, which also includes a careful observation of windows, fire hazards, and exits that lead outside.
  4. The foundation, basement, and parking areas will also be inspected for damage or potential dangers.
  5. An inspector may also request to interview someone who is familiar with the building’s condition.

In our commercial inspections, we cover all the areas listed above and more! Because a commercial building must be comfortable as well as safe, we inspect the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, the plumbing, and the electrical wiring. Are you considering buying a commercial building, like a strip mall, restaurant, or office building? Are you selling and want to get the best price (and have the confidence that you’re selling a safe property)? Either way, we can provide you with the in-depth, custom report you need to make an informed decision.

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